Improve Your Travel Comfort with a Travel Credit Card

Tips for Travel / Thursday, March 8th, 2018

Credit cards with bonus miles are by far the best marketing solution seasoned travels can benefit from. It is a good way to travel for free. The special bank card emerged as a result of cooperation between large airlines and banks. With the help of a single product of mass sales, a credit organization and an air carrier simultaneously attract new customers and increase the sale of their services, which is beneficial for both. In turn, the owner of this card gets the opportunity to accumulate miles for free travel trips, which can then be used in different ways.

  • Purchase free travel tickets in any particular direction. This program is different for each company, and you will additionally need to pay a small amount as a fuel surcharge. What is more, you can buy premium tickets from the partner airlines at a reduced price, or even travel free.
  • Improve the level of the service. You can buy a ticket of the economy category and exchange it to the business-class ticket using your travel points. The required number of travel miles depends on the airline.
  • Obtain the privileges of the VIP service. For example, you can visit airport business lounges or check-in on a flight without any queues, together with business class passengers.
  • Use travel miles for online purchases. You can pay with miles for purchases on Internet websites owned by airlines.

In addition to the above point on how to travel for free, cardholders can request the concierge service and receive discounts from partner companies. Apparently, the use of travel credit cards with miles is quite profitable. To understand the numerous incentive programs offered on the market, consider a few of the most popular cards with miles to get a free trip.

How Travel for Free?

There is no general rule of what credit card to choose to travel the world for free; the choice is individual. Everything depends on the card active use, frequency and directions of flights, the amount of monthly cash turnover, and the cost of services. In order not to overpay for interest and extra commissions for account maintenance, it is better to issue a debit card to travel for free. In this case, you will not be forced to pay for extra changes.

If you still decide to order a credit card, then try to make only non-cash settlements. Avoid withdrawing cash from ATMs to minimize overpayment. Also, be aware that banks can take 3% commission for any transaction made abroad with a co-branded card. For this reason, it should not be actively used in another country.It is also important to consider that in most loyalty programs bonus miles for traveling for free are available for a limited period and are disabled after the set time. Therefore, it is necessary to plan trips so as not to lose the accumulated bonuses for traveling for free. Enjoy your trip!

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